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                                                                               Vision Statement

At Coast To Coast, we envision reaching every electrical contractor and give them the chance to utilize our services.  We want Coast To Coast to become America's choice to quote projects for electrical business owners.

-Our goal in the next 5 years is -

*  Be a partner to the working owner

*  Give journeyman electricians a chance to get out of the field and further their careers

*  Expand our footprint in the electrical estimating trade

*  Develop and become a  stark competitor for you and your company

The Software & Services We Utilize. 

Here at Coast To Coast Estimating, we utilize certain software and Excel formats that we pay thousands of dollars for each year. Some of them are listed below.

  • Accubid
  • LiveCount
  • Estibid
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Coast To Coast Estimating

"From Sea To Shining Sea"

Feel free to reach out. Send us an email at

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