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We have the privilege of working with multiple electrical contractors all over the nation. Here's what we provide.


(Complete​ Proposal and Quote)

So far this year, most electrical contractors who have utilized us to be their full-time estimators, have successfully won 2 out of every 3 projects. With this particular service we offer, we are the ones acquiring the gear packages, lighting packages, and low voltage costs for the projects. As well as any other cost associated with that particular project. We then submit the price with a proposal letter. The letter would include exclusions and inclusions, as well as the cost to complete the project. Simply put, we would be your full-time estimator.


(Simple Take-off)

We also offer other simpler services. If you would just like us to quote the material and man-hours, and send it back in an Excel Spreadsheet, we can do that as well!

This way, it gives you more excess to the overall cost of the project and allows you to pick your own suppliers and vendors.

It also allows you to adjust cost, man-hours, and input your own hourly rate and overhead.


With this service, we quote the project and get down to the bare nuts and bolts. There is the normal, value-engineered project. But if you put that on top of the well-thought-out system that we use while utilizing this service, your just about guaranteed to win the project. It generally takes longer to quote a project this way, but it increases your chances 9 to 1.

Coast To Coast Estimating is dedicated to serving the estimating needs of every electrical business looking to grow in the industry. We handle

  • Submittals
  • Consulting
  • Invitations To Bid
  • Net Growth
  • Bid it - To get it program. (ask us how it works)
  • Licensing Reciprocity
  • Project Management
  • Change Orders
  • Cash Apps (Pricing varies)
  • Company Development

Our Pricing varies, depending on the size of the drawings. But ALL pricing STARTS at $60.00 an E sheet. Please feel free to reach out to discuss further pricing options, and see what is best for your company and budget. We want you to succeed, and the only way that's possible is by more work!

If and when Coast To Coast is awarded the project, an incentive fee is due upon issuing of the contract, letter of intent or before the first Cash App. Whatever the initial cost to bid the plans was, the same fee is due upon the awarding of the project.  The Incentive fee can be waived for the first project.  This fee gives us an incentive to actually win the project and GROW YOUR COMPANY!

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